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Pet Behavior Counseling

We offer behavior counseling for your pet at Lakeside Veterinary Clinic to assist in troubleshooting common behavioral concerns such as house training, chewing, and barking.

We can advise correcting problems such as separation anxiety, spraying, biting, house soiling, and aggression. We can also help direct you to qualified behaviorists to address problem situations or get started in obedience training your dog.

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Pet Behavior Counseling

It’s critical to screen out any underlying medical conditions in the event that your pet is displaying unusual and/or alarming behavior. A cat that defecates outside the litter box, for instance, can have a urinary tract infection. If your dog doesn’t sleep through the night, it may have arthritis. All behavioral evaluations at Lakeside Veterinary Clinic start with a physical examination, screens, and laboratory tests, which may include a complete blood count, serum chemical profile, thyroid screening, and urinalysis. This is done to rule out any underlying health issues first. Depending on your pet’s symptoms and general health, we will advise one or more tests. If a medical condition is found, we will discuss your pet’s treatment options.

If all tests are negative and there is no physical concern that could be causing the change in behavior, we will offer strategies to reduce unwanted behavior and may put you in contact with a trainer we trust who can give you a customized behavior modification plan.

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