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17 years we have used Lakeside Vets. We have received the best care for our pets . Dr Sabean helped us get 161/2 years with one and then very lovingly sent him on at the end. I was so happy that the new vets have made it a point to meet us outside even though this practice still has curbside service. The staff are so helpful, caring and friendly.

Janet Dunham

Amazing! Such a positive experience! I just can’t say enough. The staff and doctor were all top notch and very friendly. They take the time to talk to you and answer any questions or concerns you have. The doctor even complimented me on how well I take care of my dog. Highly recommended! Thank you Lakeside Vet!

Heidi Yeaton

I have been going to Lakeside for over twenty years. They helped me get through two pets that had to be put down and now with a new puppy. The whole staff is excellent, friendly and caring, and accommodating.

Pamela Serio

Lakeside is hands down the best practice around here. Dr. Sabean worked wonders with my old girl, and I will always be grateful for her empathy and care. If you are lucky enough to get in here, count your blessings. Knowledgeable, caring, and ethical is hard to come by and Lakeside has it all.

Lauren Slack

I have been coming to Lakeside since 2000. I really enjoy the staff, their professional, caring and compassionate attitude, much due to their longtime staff!
I will always bring my many pets to lakeside for their health care ♥️

Craig Flood

Have your mask handy… Call the clinic to let them know your outside and they will come out and pick up your pet and bring them in while you wait in your car. They will phone you with updates and then bring your pet back out after the visit is done.

Jason Gilbert